"We are not the pride of creation, we are the Neanderthals of tomorrow."

Evolutionary humanists believe that a modern, scientific understanding of humans as biological entities can inform and improve our societies and well-being. Common causes include—but are not limited to—increasing scientific literacy, better understanding human behavior, promoting individual rights, and decreasing the influence of religion, superstition, and pseudo-science on policy-making.


Below you can find past projects of mine in this context.
Freidenker Zürich

Evolutionary Humanists Zurich

During my time in Zurich, I was a member of board of the Free Thinkers Zurich, which is a local section of the Free Thinkers, a secular Swiss organisation with a rich history.

With them, I rebooted, rebranded and led the student section during my time with a focus on regular discussions of a range of relevant topics in co-operation with the Skeptics Zurich.

Evolutionäre Humanisten Göttingen

Evolutionary Humanists Göttingen

I am a founding member of the Evolutionary Humanists Göttingen, who are a regional group of the Giordano Bruno Foundation.

The Connected Primate (offline)

The Connected Primate was my personal blog. I wrote mostly about societal, cultural, political, and scientific topics. I tried to view different ideas and issues from an evolutionary perspective. That means that I combined an evolutionary understanding of our species with questions and problems that are usually looked at from other points of views. I believe that this helps see many issues in a way that is more relaxed, kind, understanding, and helpful to the future of our species. I took it offline because I did not continue to maintain it after I began working towards a PhD.