"We are not the pride of creation, we are the Neanderthals of tomorrow."

Evolutionary humanists believe that a modern, scientific understanding of humans as biological entities can inform and improve our societies and well-being. Common causes include—but are not limited to—increasing scientific literacy, better understanding human behavior, promoting individual rights, and decreasing the influence of religion, superstition, and pseudo-science on policy-making.


Below you can find past projects of mine in this context.
Freidenker Zürich

Evolutionary Humanists Zurich

I am a member of board of the Free Thinkers Zurich, which is a local section of the Free Thinkers, a secular Swiss organisation with a rich history.

With them, I rebooted and rebranded the student section in co-operation with the Skeptics Zurich.

Evolutionäre Humanisten Göttingen

Evolutionary Humanists Göttingen

I am a founding member of the Evolutionary Humanists Göttingen, who are a regional group of the Giordano Bruno Foundation. We believe in the view of mankind of evolutionary humanism, which proclaims that our understanding of our evolutionary heritage allows us to be free from the shackles of religion and superstition. It enables us to create, discuss, and enhance our moral rules based on reason.

The Connected Primate

The Connected Primate

The Connected Primate was my personal blog. I wrote mostly about societal, cultural, political, and scientific topics. I tried to view different ideas and issues from an evolutionary perspective. That means that I combined an evolutionary understanding of our species with questions and problems that are usually looked at from other points of views. I believe that this helps see many issues in a way that is more relaxed, kind, understanding, and helpful to the future of our species.